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Agreement and Cooperation Rules

Read before working with our service

Basic information

We request you to carefully read the terms and conditions of cooperating with When you participate and do joint business with the company, you automatically agree to all below terms and conditions, and confirm your age.

Each deposit you make is a private transaction between the Member and Metacrypt. The information transferred between the company and the investor is not disclosed to third parties. We do our best to keep the data confidential, but we do not bear any responsibility for their loss that occurred through the user’s fault.

You give your consent that all materials and messages you get from Metacrypt are unsolicited and confidential from any disclosure. In addition, all the above contained in this document should not be considered as an invitation to invest in all jurisdictions that regard these offers illegal.

The US Securities Act of 1933, the Stock Exchange Act of 1934, and the Investment Company Act of 1940, as well as all other provisions, rules, and amendments thereto are not related to this program, because it is a private deal. Metacrypt does not identify itself as a licensed bank or security firm.

We are not responsible for any losses, expenses, or any other damage arising from the violation of the terms and conditions when using the website by the Member. You agree to local, international, and national laws, and guarantee that you will not use the Metacrypt website in an illegal manner.

The company reserves the right to change program rates, commissions, as well as existing rules in the course of its work at any time, at its own discretion, and without prior notice to the Members, especially when it comes to complying with the safety and integrity of the investor’s interests. You give consent that you are personally responsible for reading these terms and conditions.

Member’s rights.

Each investor undertakes to comply with the Rules and agrees with them:

  • To indicate only up-to-date personal data during the registration.
  • Not to send SPAM.
  • To be of legal age when registering.
  • Not to violate the performance and integrity of the website by using malicious applications.
  • To be tolerant in relation to other Members.
  • To use the earned money only for lawful purposes.
  • Not to launder funds by using the Metacrypt website.
  • To respect the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets. This also includes the right to keep the details of any private transaction in secret.
  • Not to harm the company and its reputation by creating negative posts or videos related to Metacrypt. If you have any difficulties or questions, contact the support service. The company is always ready to help and assist its Members.

The Company’s rights:

  • To provide the Member with consulting and information services.
  • To editing or delete the website content.
  • To suspend or terminate the provision of any information through the website for the following reasons:
  • Unscheduled system updates
  • Problems with power lines
  • Adding and updating content on the official website.
  • Damage to the technological equipment or communication systems
  • Any technical breakdowns
  • Force Majeure

Metacrypt has the right to suspend or terminate the agreement for providing the Member with services, as well as to block the personal account if the investor violates these Rules.

The company can

  • Amend the Rules without the prior approval
  • Correct or supplement investment proposals
  • Expand the list of electronic payment systems for investment
  • Increase partner bonuses without prior notification
  • Email information to all registered Metacrypt Users
  • Refuse to cooperate with the Member without giving any explanations
  • Use the Investor’s specified personal data to improve and optimize the interaction
  • Provide the Member with support and assistance within the framework of these Rules.

Metacrypt is not responsible for any problems or inconveniences arising from the temporary suspension of the official Website that may result from the above reasons.

Besides, it is not responsible for losses and inconveniences associated with the temporary freezing of the services provision for the above reasons.